Infectious Disease: Evolving Challenges to Human Health

The Growing Problem of Resistance

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Drug-Resistant Malaria

Most anti-malarial drugs act on the parasites in the red blood cell stage, or on the sexual-stage parasites that infect mosquitoes. As with other pathogens, the malaria parasite continuously evolves. Today, the parasites are resistant to many of the most affordable malarial drugs. The Institute of Medicine recommends that governments and international finance institutions should subsidize the cost of effective drugs for people in malarial areas.

Resistant Mosquitoes

Still used in Africa, the insecticide DDT has proved highly effective in controlling mosquitoes. Inevitably, the insects evolved resistance in some parts of the world. As resistance rises, new control measures must be developed. Finding safe, yet durable and effective insecticides against Anopheles is a challenge that continues.

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Controlling Malaria
In some areas of Africa over 40% of the population can be infected with malaria at any given time. Choose different control measures and see if you can control this deadly disease.

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