The Koshland Experience

The Koshland Science Museum of the National Academy of Sciences invites teens and adults to interact with the issues in a thought-provoking setting. Whether exploring on your own or with friends, use science to solve problems and engage in stimulating conversations with others. Experience unique, interactive exhibits and hands-on activities.

Interactive Science Exhibits

In the exhibits, interactive displays illustrate the role of science in informing public policy that affects our lives. Visitors can explore the following interactive exhibits at the museum, which contain bold designs and in-depth information.

Learn about the causes of climate change, its impacts, and potential solutions. Examine observed changes, explore the sources of carbon dioxide (CO2), and discover regional impacts across the globe.

Play the role of a policy maker to identify priorities, evaluate tradeoffs, and decide how to respond to climate change in the exhibit’s unique simulation game. Employ strategies to lower CO2 emissions to a level that will reduce the impact of climate change. Decide which actions align with the priorities you value, and compare your plans with other players.

Explore the science of healthy living and learn about how your brain works in this digital interactive experience. Make a video and share your stories with other visitors. Test your skills at the driving simulator to see how well you can handle distractions. Play a brain game to learn how to grow a healthy mind through the choices you make throughout your life.

Idea Lab

Explore resilience in this multimedia space where the museum is experimenting with new approaches in collaboration with visitors. What actions make our communities more resilient to the hazards we face? How can you engage with your community to become a part of this effort? How can you measure your community’s progress in becoming more resilient? Immerse yourself in video clips, interactive games, and puzzles that will help you consider these important questions. We want your feedback about how these activities help you understand resilience and how it relates to your life and community.

Hands-On Science

Dig into the issues with hands-on activities at the Koshland Science Museum. Learn why some light bulbs are more efficient than others. Improve your ability to recall everyday objects with a memory game. Explore ecosystem resilience with our Ecoblocks tower. Discover how much sugar we eat versus what is recommended at our Sugar Stacks display. Hands-on activities are offered daily and presented by volunteers when possible. Visit the Hands-On Science section for more information on these activities.


The Koshland Science Museum is centrally located in the heart of Washington, D.C., with easy access to dining facilities, public transportation, and the National Academies’s bookstore.


The Koshland Science Museum does not offer dining facilities onsite. The museum is located in the Penn Quarter neighborhood of Washington, D.C., within blocks of a wide variety of eating establishments, from cafés and sandwich shops to fine dining restaurants.


The National Academies’ Bookstore is located at 500 Fifth St., N.W., around the corner from the museum. The bookstore offers a wide range of scientific publications, as well as National Academies’ merchandise. The bookstore is open Monday through Friday. Visit to download free books.


To enhance your experience at the museum and to protect the museum’s exhibits, we ask that you do not consume food or drink or chew gum. The museum is a smoke-free facility.