July 11: NAS Lecture on Ethics & Autonomous Combat Robots

Could an autonomous robot capable of lethal force ultimately be more humane in the battlefield than human soldiers? Ronald C. Arkin, Ph.D. will explore the consequences of weaponized robotic systems in a Distinctive Voices Lecture at the Jonsson Center in Woods Hole, MA on Thursday, July 11 at 7:00 p.m. 
The talk, titled People Behaving Badly, Robots Behaving Better? Embedding Ethics in Autonomous Combat Robots, will outline the philosophical basis, motivation, theory, and design recommendations for the implementation of an ethical control and reasoning system potentially suitable for constraining lethal actions in an autonomous robotic system so that they fall within the bounds prescribed by the Laws of War and Rules of Engagement. Ronald C. Arkin is Regents' Professor & Director of the Mobile Robot Laboratory at Georgia Institute of Technology.
Tickets are free but limited, and online reservations are required.