Museum Announcements

Quench Your Thirst at the Koshland Science Museum

As you explore the sights and sounds of downtown Washington, D.C., sometimes all you need is a cool drink of water. The Koshland Science Museum can be your oasis! Stop in anytime to refill your water bottle free of charge.
We want to be a good neighbor and do our part to keep plastic bottles out of landfills. While you’re refilling, pick up a free CD featuring our exhibit Safe Drinking Water Is Essential to explore drinking water issues around the globe.

Life Lab

How can the choices you make every day affect your health? Our interactive Life Lab exhibit challenges you to find out how small changes can make a big difference at every age.  

New Video: Energy Technologies & Manmade Earthquakes

Some energy production activities can produce small manmade earthquakes. A new video from the National Academies explains the conditions that have produced such earthquakes during activities related to conventional oil and gas, hydraulic fracturing, geothermal energy, and the injection of wastewater for underground disposal. The video also explores the potential for earthquakes to develop from use of new energy technologies such as carbon capture and storage.

World Hepatitis Day

July 28 is World Hepatitis Day, a day to recognize and confront the global burden of hepatitis. 500 million people around the world are currently infected with chronic hepatitis B or C and one in three people have been exposed to one or both viruses. Together, these viruses kill approximately one million people a year.

July 25: At the Crossroads of Science and Foreign Policy

Join members of the scientific and foreign policy communities for a reception to launch the new program series At the Crossroads of Science and Foreign Policy on Thursday, July 25 at 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. Anthony “Bud” Rock, CEO of the Association of Science and Technology Centers, will introduce “science diplomacy” and program organizers will offer a taste of the exciting programs to come.

Obesity Series Earns IOM Nomination for Primetime Emmy Award

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) has been nominated for a Primetime Emmy® Award for Outstanding Children’s Program for its contribution to the film “The Weight of the Nation for Kids: Quiz Ed!” The program is part of a multi-pronged “Weight of the Nation” project featuring four documentary films and a three-part series of half-hour specials for young people spotlighting decisions that children and their families can make to improve their health now and in the future. 

Surgeon General Highlights National Prevention Strategy

In a commentary published by the Institute of Medicine (IOM), U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Regina Benjamin points to accomplishments of the National Prevention Council, a gathering of multiple federal departments and agencies whose policies and practices bear on health. The Council highlights health as everyone’s business and illustrates how all sectors of society can contribute to improving the social, environmental, and economic conditions that influence health outcomes.

New Report: Nutrition Education in the K-12 Curriculum

With approximately one-third of America’s young people overweight or obese, the childhood obesity epidemic and related health consequences are urgent public health problems. A new Workshop Summary from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) highlights the merits and potential uses of a set of K-12 nutrition curriculum benchmarks, guides, or standards to help advance obesity prevention in U.S. schools.