Raise the Green Roof

Boston Children's Museum is the first LEED certified museum in Boston and one of only a handful of Green museums across the country (but those numbers are growing!). One of our favorite parts of our green building is the green roof, which covers almost 6,000 square feet; is made up of hundreds of plants in individual containers; and was planted by visiting children! This roof reduces the Museum's energy use by absorbing heat and acting as an insulator for the building, which reduces the amount of energy we use to cool and heat the museum. The Green Roof also helps us reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Because we use less air conditioning, we contribute less to the production of related pollution and greenhouse gases. The plants on our roof can also remove air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions through dry deposition and carbon sequestration and storage. There are lots of green roofs in Washington D.C. Can you find some of them?