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RESULTS: the online votes closely mirrored those of participants in the U.S. sites during Worldwide Views on Biodiversity: the most frequently cited actions were making personal changes, participating in education programs, and learning more about the issue.
Vote and share your views in the web challenge! Join thousands of people around the world in a conversation about World Wide Views on Biodiversity. What do you think about the way biodiversity is managed? How do you think we should solve the problem of biodiversity loss? Tell us here – and see what others are saying!
On Saturday, September 15, people in over 30 countries joined together for a day of deliberations about these issues (including 100 here at the Koshland - see their results!). There is still time to add your voice – use the materials below to learn more about the issue of biodiversity, and then chime in with your ideas. Strike up a conversation with your friends to help inform your decision, or leave a comment to start a discussion with others.
Biodiversity is the species, genetic, and ecosystem diversity in an area, sometimes including associated components such as landscape features or climate. Still feel like you need to know more? You can dive deep into the issues with information from some of the National Research Council’s recent and historic work on the topic. Or skip ahead to the booklet, which all participants in the World Wide Views on Biodiversity deliberations received.

Submission Deadline: 
Monday, December 17, 2012 - 10:00am
  1. Read the background materials for the question.
    1. World Wide Views booklet
    2. NRC report on biodiversity
    3. Biodiversity, by E.O. Wilson, published by the National Academies
  3. See the results of everyone's votes.
  4. If you'd like, add a comment to share why you chose that option.