Book A Free Field Trip

The Koshland Science Museum offers free field trips for middle and high school groups from the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. This facilitated two-hour experience is a great opportunity for students to see how science can solve real-world problems. We go beyond the “who/what/where” and challenge students to think about why scientists investigate our world and how science informs the decisions we make as individuals and as a society.
Facilitated field trips focus on one of two exhibits:
Life Lab. Explore the science of learning and memory, find out why we age, and see how the brain changes over time. Get behind the wheel of our driving simulator to experience first-hand the effects of distracted driving. Students can even try their hand at designing a high school lunch menu that conforms to national dietary recommendations.
Earth Lab. Explore our changing climate. See how scientists investigate climate change and delve into its causes and effects. Then “play policymaker” to consider the energy-sector tradeoffs required to meet CO2 emissions goals.
Facilitated field trips are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Complete a group visit request form to book a field trip.