Oct. 16-18 - The NAS at 150: Celebrating Service to the Nation

Wednesday, Oct. 16 through Friday, Oct. 18, the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) hosts a colloquium to commemorate its 150th anniversary. The Colloquium, called The NAS at 150: Celebrating Service to the Nation, features talks by historians Daniel Kevles, Ruth Schwartz Cowan, and Peter Westwick.
The agenda includes an overview of the founding of the Academy and its place in American democracy, how the Academy has served national interests while striving to maintain its independence, and discussion about the expanded meaning of the sciences in the Academy’s history. Each talk will be followed by roundtable discussions with panelists who are familiar with the work of the Academy and with the issues raised in the talks.
Attendance is free but limited, and registration is required. Register here.