Extreme Event on the Road: Middlebury School of the Environment

Middlebury School of the Environment students make decisions about which resources to invest in during the Prepare Phase of Extreme Event: Rock City

In July 2017, Koshland staff hosted students and faculty from the Middlebury School of the Environment for a game of Extreme Event: Rock City. The Middlebury School of the Environment is a six-week environmental studies program for high school seniors and college undergraduates, located on the campus of Middlebury College in Vermont. Their specially designed curriculum includes core course work, electives, leadership training, and field experiences. Curt Gervich, an instructor for the Middlebury program and Associate Professor in the Center for Earth and Environmental Science at the State University of New York Plattsburgh, thought Extreme Event would be the perfect fit for his students. Professor Gervich leads a course in the program titled Wicked Environmental Problems in which the students use games and simulations to learn about the environmental factors involved in grand societal challenges while developing and practicing problem solving skills. 

Players continue to trade resources to solve their neighborhood problems after Rock City’s earthquake causes a chasm in the ground

20 Middlebury students and faculty played Extreme Event: Rock City and had a great discussion about how environmental factors play a part in community resilience. When asked about their experience the following day, Professor Gurvich said, “The game was a great learning experience and lots of fun. Students were still talking and debriefing today over lunch.”

Representatives from each neighborhood work together to prioritize needs during the Emergency Aid surprise challenge

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