Extreme Event on the Road: FEMA Youth Preparedness Council

FEMA Youth Preparedness Council members make decisions about which resources to invest in during the Prepare Phase of Extreme Event: Rock City (Photo Credit: Sean Shanahan)

In July 2017, Koshland staff hosted the 2017-2018 FEMA Youth Preparedness Council for a game of Extreme Event: Rock City. The FEMA Youth Preparedness Council was formed in 2012 to bring together high school-age youth leaders from across the country who are interested and engaged in emergency preparedness. The Council members are selected based on their dedication to public service, community involvement, and their potential to expand their impact as supporters of youth preparedness. 

Players assess the options available to solve their neighborhood’s challenge after an earthquake hits Rock City (Photo Credit: Sean Shanahan)

26 FEMA Youth Preparedness Council members and their chaperones played Extreme Event: Rock City and had a great discussion about community resilience and preparedness. Members were also excited to hear about the ways that they could bring Extreme Event back to their communities. 

Representatives from each neighborhood work together to prioritize needs during the Emergency Aid surprise challenge in Extreme Event: Rock City (Photo Credit: Sean Shanahan)

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