App to Track Infectious Diseases Wins Top Prize in Collegiate Challenge

A new mobile app called H-Radar, which tracks and reports nearby infectious diseases, earned a team of students from Texas A&M University first place and a $10,000 prize in this year's "Go Viral to Improve Health: IOM-NAE Health Data Collegiate Challenge."
Thirty-nine teams registered for the third nationwide collegiate challenge from the Institute of Medicine and the National Academy of Engineering.  The annual contest calls on undergraduate and graduate students to use health data to design web-based or mobile applications that take on pressing health issues and provide active solutions. 
H-Radar is a cross-platform app that utilizes anonymous health data, a cell phone's global positioning system, and real-time notifications to allow people to link to information and report infectious diseases and symptoms. 
The second-place prize went to the developers of Flu-Trackr, which displays knowledge about flu vaccinations and outbreaks. Third place went to SafePlace, an app intended to make users more aware of the chemicals and associated hazards that may be in their surroundings. 
Explore the science of infectious disease through the Koshland Science Museum’s interactive online exhibit, Infectious Disease: Evolving Challenges to Human Health.